Welcome to the Women Lawyers Association of Michigan

We were founded in 1919 by five self-proclaimed “ardent Portias of Detroit.” Today, our organization has grown extensively in size and purpose. Our membership includes attorneys, judges and law students. We have become a statewide organization with seven regional chapters, providing wide-ranging networking and professional development opportunities for women lawyers. Our mission is to secure the rights of women in society and advance the interests of women members of the legal profession, to promote improvements in the administration of justice, to promote equality and social justice for all people, to improve relations between the legal profession and the public, and to encourage the continued legal education of lawyers. Please take a look at our site, including our services, events, and member listings. We hope you like what you see and will join us. We look forward to meeting you!

Message from the President

This year, WLAM proudly celebrated its 100th anniversary.

In the past 100 years, WLAM has provided leadership opportunities to over 350 women who have served as president of the state board, one of the 18 regional chapters, or the foundation.  No other organization in the state of Michigan has provided that many leadership opportunities for women lawyers.

Throughout history, WLAM has also been a strong advocate for promoting improvements in the administration of justice and promoting equality and social justice for all people.  For example, during the war, WLAM sold $144,000 in bonds, which is equivalent to $2,100,559.53 today.

In addition, WLAM spoke out when law schools tried to close their doors to women, and when social clubs tried to keep women out.  WLAM stood up for working mothers who were denied custody of their children because they held a job outside of their home.

WLAM has been a strong partner in the Michigan Equal Pay Coalition.  We have opposed efforts to limit access to justice by immigration enforcement that deters victims and witnesses of crimes from coming to court.  We have worked with a number of courts to create lactation rooms for women who are breastfeeding.

WLAM is continually urging our governor to appoint judges who will increase the diversity in our judiciary.  We have opposed discrimination on the basis of sex and sexual orientation.  We have supported efforts to protect young women from sexual assault and dating violence.

I am confident that WLAM’s next 100 years will be as equally as amazing, and I look forward to working with all of you this year to continue WLAM’s proud history of supporting equality and social justice for all people.


WLAM is dedicated to securing the rights of women in society, advancing the interests of women members of the legal profession, promoting improvements in the administration of justice, and promoting equality and social justice for all people. As advocates, we recognize that there is strength in numbers. Whether we are in a court room or on the steps of the Michigan State Capitol, WLAM’s voice is louder when we join together. Click here for details on WLAM’s advocacy efforts.