The WLAM Board of Directors continues to work hard on your behalf to create an organization of which you can be proud. Here is just some of what to watch for this year:

  • This web site, with its Online WLAM Member Directory, links to WLAM Regions, including a listing of Regional Officers, activities, an event calendar, ways to reach other WLAM members around the state and more.
  • Continuing issues of FOCUS, our eNewsletter, including an update from the WLAM President, news from the WLAM Foundation, upcoming events, and information about other WLAM members.
  • As a state-wide organization, seven active Regions help deliver programs throughout the state. WLAM Regions do a great job of extending the reach to give you quality programming for networking, education and advocacy. If you are part of a Region with no current leadership, consider stepping forward to take on a new opportunity.
  • State-wide events include the WLAM Annual Meeting each Spring. Watch the Online Event Calendar and your FOCUS eNewsletter for details of this and other events.
  • Our committees are in place, planning activities for the upcoming program year. Consider participating in an area of interest to you. WLAM Committees include Communication & Technology, Finance, Legal Affairs (which includes Candidate Rating & Endorsement), Gender Equity, Membership, Nominating and Policy.
  • The Annual WLAM Foundation Reception, always a highlight.

To become a member, use our secure online shopping cart (below). If you experience any difficulties renewing your membership online, please feel free to download and send the application form to or to WLAM, 120 N. Washington Square, Suite 110A, Lansing, MI 48933. Alternatively you may call our office at 517-372-3320. We will be happy to assist you in processing your request over the phone.

WLAM Member Dues

Select your membership category below.

NOTE: Membership automatically includes the primary region of your choice. You can join additional regions for $25 each by selecting them under the Join Additional Region(s) section.
Sustaining Member $150Associate - Attorney not licensed in MI $100Attorney 5+ years $100Attorney 1-5 years $50
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Attorney New Admittee $25Attorney: Retiree, $25Paralegal, $40Law Student, $25
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Join Additional Region(s). The options below will allow you become a member of multiple regions for an additional fee. You must have selected a primary region for the appropriate dues amount above.

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We also encourage you to consider a tax deductible donation to the WLAM Foundation. Your donation supports outstanding women law students in Michigan who show leadership in advancing the position of women in society through an annual scholarship program.

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For our WLAM members who are in transition, unemployed and actively seeking work, we provide reduced membership rates. Please download the form to learn more.

Your dues are for a 12-month period, beginning at the time of application or renewal. You will receive an email reminder as your renewal date approaches so that you will not miss a minute of the services provided to WLAM members. If you have questions about any of these events or services, don’t hesitate to call us at 517-372-3320, or e-mail

We are looking forward to meeting you.