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Message from the President

If someone asks me about WLAM, I always tell them to turn their gaze to our mission statement.  It speaks of empowerment, but what exactly does that mean?  It means an unrelenting commitment to find the best in ourselves, exude it and in turn inspire others.  As Margaret Thatcher said, “Don’t follow the crowd, let the crowd follow you.”

It means for those who see us in our practice or in the community in Macomb, they will see exactly what leadership, potential, and individual effort are all about.

In this common calling, we lift each other up, but most importantly we lift ourselves up.  The question is: how badly do you want it?

So come and join us! There’s plenty of room in Macomb County.  Sit, talk, and put in the work. This is about so much more than the law.  It’s about society, and taking the next big leap forward.

Farrah Ramdayal 

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