WLAM 5-Year Plan and Reports

The Women Lawyers Association of Michigan (WLAM) was founded in 1919, making it one of the oldest ongoing women lawyers’ organizations in our nation. In anticipation of WLAM’s 100th Year Celebration, a dedicated group of WLAM Past Presidents came together in 2013 and created a 5-year plan, to occur from 2014-2019, that allows WLAM to focus on long-term goals, move towards them with purpose and precision, and build on our existing foundation to create a better and stronger organization. WLAM’s 5-year plan is ambitious with significant milestones and achievements. WLAM’s current leadership is tapping into its imagination and thinking outside of the box to achieve the goals our past presidents believe we are capable of making. While it will be challenging at times, the rewards will be worth it!

Thank you to all of WLAM’s past presidents who were an integral part of creating WLAM’s 5-year plan. Special thank you to WLAM Past Presidents: Marla Linderman (for the vision to see the value in establishing a 5-year plan), and Lysa Postula-Stein (for being the architect of the WLAM 5-year plan structure).

At the end of each WLAM term, we will post a summary of the progress we made toward achieving our goal. Click on a term below to view our accomplishments each year as they occur.

Five Year Plan

2014-2015 Report Prepared by Michele Rivas, 2014-2015 WLAM President
2015-2016 Report Prepared by Kristen Pursley, 2015-2016 WLAM President
2016-2017 Report
2017-2018 Report Prepared by Julie Gafkay, 2017-2018 WLAM President
2018-2019 Report