Leadership Pipeline Program

The state and regional leadership of the Women Lawyers Association of Michigan (WLAM) work together to identify and develop interested members for leadership roles within our association. If you are interested in becoming involved in leadership at the regional or state level, please contact a member of the WLAM State Board of Directors or a member of your Region’s Leadership. You may also directly contact the Chairperson of the WLAM Leadership Identification & Development Committee.

WLAM leaders are often simultaneously leaders in other prominent organizations (including local boards, within their own firms and on judicial panels), as well as work on collaborative efforts with national organizations. Being a part of a committee, regional or state board will help you gain valuable experience, networking and recognition by providing you with opportunities to:

  • Effectively manage people and processes up and down an association;
  • Collaborate inside and outside an organization and across organizational functions (and help others to do the same); and
  • Manage complex projects (WLAM leaders handle uncertainty, solve multi-dimensional problems and recognize when to connect multiple resources).