The key to making the most of your WLAM membership is to get involved!  A great way to do so is to join one of our WLAM committees; use the WLAM Committee Preference Form. For more information, please contact the Committee Chair of the Committee you are interested in joining.  If a committee has yet to be assigned a chair, please contact the WLAM President, Alena Clark.



Leadership Identification & Development/Nominations & Awards Committee

Chair (Immediate Past-President): Donna MacKenzie

Members: Alena Clark, Julie Gafkay, Lori Grigg Bluhm, Katie Hennessey, Maricella Rodriguez, Tanya Grillo, Erin Solaiman, Susie Chalgian, Deanna Kossaras, Kymberlie London, Deyana Unis, Andrea Snyder

The chair of this committee works with state and regional leadership to identify and develop interested members for leadership positions within the Association. This committee handles the annual nomination of state officers and submits a proposed slate to the Board of Directors for approval. This committee also evaluates members and/or regions nominated for Association awards. To become a member of this committee, you must be appointed by your Region or the State President of the Association.

Regional Development Committee

Chair (Current President): Alena Clark

Members: Kelly Brushaber, Monica Beck, Julie Gafkay, Amanda Narvaes, Farrah Ramdayal, Kristyn Recchia, Amanda Skeel, Alexandria Brady, Jenna Bommarito, Katie (Catherine) Tucker, Erin Flynn, Alison Love, Alexandria Casperson, Andrea Snyder

This committee works with interested members to establish new regions and/or student chapters in the underrepresented areas of the State of Michigan. This committee also works with existing regions and/or student chapters to establish mentoring opportunities.

Annual Meeting Committee

Chair (Current President-Elect): Roquia Draper

Members: Alena Clark, Erin Flynn, Tanya Grillo, Brittney Kohn, Erin Klug, Tanya Lundberg, Amanda Narvaes, Kristen Pursley, Kirsten Silwanowicz, Andrea Snyder

This committee plans and manages the annual statewide meeting (including the content of the meeting program, obtaining sponsors and speakers, securing a location, promoting the meeting in the media, onsite facilitation at the meeting, and subsequent evaluation follow-up).

Membership Committee

Chair (Current Vice-President): Ryan Kelly

Members: Alyssa Barksdale, Jackie Culler, Roquia Draper, Leah Hougaboom, Ashley McAlpine, Kirsten Silwanowicz, Amanda Skeel

This committee works together to encourage new membership and helps WLAM retain current members. Establishes and maintains the Member Services Program (MSP). The MSP maintains and evaluates existing membership services, and creates programs to promote membership retention and growth.  Further, the MSP evaluates future potential member services and submits recommendations to the Board for implementation.

Finance Committee

Chair (Current Treasurer): Erin Klug

Members: Stephanie Brochert, Junqui Hang, Ryan Kelly, Tanya Lundberg, Colleen Shovlin

The chair of the Finance Committee submits the annual budget for adoption. This committee works together with the Director to maintain Association finances (including preparation of monthly financial statements, consolidated quarterly reports, and the Association’s annual tax return). This committee also ensures accuracy and compliance with the Association’s financial policies and procedures.  This committee generally consists of the State Treasurer and the treasurers of each active region and/or student chapter.

Technology & Communications Committee

Chair (Current Secretary): Susan Chalgian

Members: Patrice Asimakis, Mary Hilger, Lauren Kissel, Erin Klug, Mais Moran, Emily Thomas

The chair of this committee oversees the maintenance of the Association’s website and other media sources (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, listserv, etc.), the distribution of the Association’s quarterly electronic newsletter (e-Focus), and the distribution of referral emails to members. This committee works to ensure that the Association’s media sources are current and up to date with accurate leadership contact information, past event content displayed, and timely information is provided regarding upcoming events.

Bylaws, Policies & Procedures Committee

Chair: Alena Clark

Members: Michelle Billard, Kelly Brushaber, Lori Grigg Bluhm, Ryan Kelly, Shawndrica Simmons

This committee reviews the Association’s bylaws, policies and procedures and makes recommendations for appropriate changes to the Board of Directors and the membership.

Candidate Rating & Endorsement (CREC) Committee

Chair: Amanda Narvaes

This committee performs the following activities:

  • CREC (Candidate Rating & Endorsement Committee) – Reviews, rates or endorses, and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding candidates and/or potential appointees for judicial, quasi-judicial, and in some cases non-partisan appointive positions.

Legal Affairs, Legislative 

Coalition for Impartial Justice (Ad Hoc)

Co-Chairs: Donna MacKenzie and Alena Clark

Members: Susie Chalgian, Erin Flynn, Tanya Grillo, Erin Klug, Kym London, Kirsten Silwanowicz, Nicole Smithson, Deyana Unis, Angela Walker

This committee performs the following activities:

  • Legal Affairs/Amicus – Identifies cases in which the Association can participate as amicus curiae, brings such cases to the Board of the Association for consideration, and, when necessary, coordinates such participation. This committee also addresses any other response to existing law.
  • Legislative – Reviews and recommends support or opposition to legislation of interest to the membership.

Program Committee

Co-Chairs: Erin Klug and Kirsten Silwanowicz

Members: Elyse Culberson, Tanya Grillo, Emily Jefferson, Stacey King, Tanya Lundberg, Nicolette Zachary

This committee works at the state and regional level to perform the following activities:

  • Career Development – Develops and establishes workshops and seminars that educate members regarding developing laws, technology and provides tools for career development.
  • Networking – Develops and establishes networking activities at the regional and state level for Association members. This committee also coordinates networking activities with other organizations/associations.
  • Charitable – Develops and establishes charitable activities at the regional and state level for Association members. This committee also coordinates charitable activities with other organizations/associations.

Historical Preservation Committee

Co-Chairs: Nicole Smithson and Kristina Bilowus

Members: Mary Hilger, Lauren Kissel

This committee will work to preserve, archive and present the history of WLAM.


Gender Equity Committee

Co-Chairs: Angela Walker and Susan Chalgian

Members: Kristina Bilowus, Julie Gafkay, Melissa Kelleigh, Erin Klug, Rachael Kohl, Andrea Paone, Stephanie Tzafaroglou, Betty Widgeon

This committee develops programs and services to: (1) assist members in dealing with gender bias; (2) raise awareness among the bench, bar, law schools, law enforcement, state government and/or general public of the continuing problem of gender bias; and (3) attempt to reduce the frequency and severity of the incidents and effects of gender bias on individual lawyers and members of society.

Domestic Violence Committee

Co-Chairs: Lindsay Bliven and Zenell Brown

Members: Kristina Bilowus, Hon. Janet Boes, Hon. Denise Langford Morris, Angela Medley, Arianne Slay, Simone Sprague

This committee will work with the State Bar of Michigan as part of a taskforce to establish a domestic violence assistance program.