Oakland | WBA – Call for Nominations

Call for WBA Executive Board Nominations:

The WBA is currently accepting nominations for its 2021-22 Executive Board.  Positions include:

Vice President
Communications Secretary
Recording Secretary
WLAM Representative

Send your board¬†nominations¬†to¬†Erin Flynn¬†no later than¬†April 16, 2021.¬† Please include the nominee’s name, preferred position, and their contact information.

*Consistent with WBA’s leadership succession practices, current board members have expressed interest in succeeding to the next board level and will be running for some of these positions.  However, under the WBA bylaws, the positions are available and may be contested, if there is a nomination

Call for Annual Meeting Award Nominees:

Please nominate people for our Annual Meeting awards as well!  We know that you know some amazing attorneys and judges who deserve recognition.

Evelyn Forrest Distinguished Advocate Award

An award celebrating the accomplishments of a lawyer who excels in her field and exemplifies professionalism, advocacy, and dedication to furthering opportunities for women in the law. The recipient shall possess the following qualities:

  • Demonstrates professional excellence, civility, and integrity over the course of her career;
  • Displays an awareness of the needs and concerns of women through her work and community involvement;
  • Helps to advance the position of women in the legal profession; and

Member of good standing in the State Bar of Michigan and WLAM

Past recipients include Jennifer Grieco, Lori Buiteweg, Barbara McQuade,¬†Mary Margaret O’Donnell,¬†Elizabeth Jolliffe, Kari Deming, Leslie Stein and Donna M. MacKenzie.¬†

Joan Young Judicial Excellence Award

An award honoring a member of the judiciary who openly demonstrates her commitment to securing the rights of women in society, promoting equality and social justice for all, and demonstrating the highest caliber of judicial integrity. The recipient shall also possess the following qualities:

  • Advances the interest of women in the legal profession, both through her role on the bench and community activities;
  • Works to improve relations between the legal profession and the public;
  • Contributes to the growth of other lawyers or members of the judiciary; and
  • Member of good standing of the State Bar of Michigan and a current or former member of our judiciary.

Past recipients include Judge Wendy Potts, Justice Marilyn Kelly, Judge¬†Elizabeth Pezzetti, Judge¬†Cynthia Arvant, Judge¬†Colleen O’Brien, Judge¬†Nancy Carniak, Judge¬†Phyllis McMillen and
Justice Megan K. Cavanagh.

Send your award nominations¬†to¬†Erin Flynn¬†no later than¬†April¬†16, 2021.¬† Please include the nominee’s name, the relevant award, why you think they should receive the¬†award, and the nominee’s contact information.