Mid-Michigan Update September 2019

On June 27, 2019, the Mid-Michigan Region hosted our Annual Dinner. The event theme was ‘Celebrating the Achievements of Women Lawyers 2018’ focused on those in our region. While the theme was inspired by the accomplishments we were witnessing among members, it encouraged an amazing turnout of both those recognized and their supporters. Each of these 24 women were acknowledged individually at the beginning of our presentation. The presentation then included a viewing of the WLAM documentary followed by a panel discussion of women leadership. The panel consisted of Judge Janelle Lawless of the 30th Circuit Court and Susan Przekop-Shaw, the region’s first President. The discussion of how far we have come and how much we have left to do was very well-received.


In a short annual meeting following the event, our regional members re-elected the existing board for the coming year and approved extensive improvements to our regional by-laws which will make our region more functional going forward.

On August 29, 2019, Judge Dragonchuk (WLAM Mid-Michigan regional Secretary) hosted our members at her home for the second year in a row, to decorate a bra for the “It’s A Breast Thing” annual charity fundraiser. Bras are decorated in theme: this year’s theme is books and our group picked To Kill A Mocking Bird”. Votes are made by contributions to the organization, which provides monetary relief for the out-of-pocket expenses those with breast cancer face during treatment. Last year our bra made the top 12 – meaning it was modeled in the organization’s calendar – and this year we hope to make top 3. The bras will be out for voting with a final tally and placement announcements at the October 1, 2019 event which our region will proudly attend!

This August 2019, our region submitted 12 applications for a small group swearing in ceremony with the US Supreme Court on November 13, 2019. Judge Michelle Rick has graciously offered to motion for our admittance. There is much excitement for this event!