Washtenaw Update March 2019

WLAM, Washtenaw Region held its Second Annual Tea and Champagne Charity Event at the Tea Haus in Ann Arbor on March 14, 2019. This event is being held for the benefit of Girl’s Group and proceeds from this event will be donated to Girls Group.  Girls Group empowers young women in middle school and high school to achieve emotional and economic self-sufficiency by graduating from high school and becoming first-generation college graduates.

Girls Group provides year-round programming and mentoring to develop character, leadership, self-confidence, and social consciousness, including the desire and ability to mentor others.  Girls Group serves 500 young women: 200 middle school students, 150 high school students, and 150 young women on their college and career journeys. Across all groups, 58% of participants live in Ann Arbor, 33% live in Ypsilanti and 9% live in other communities in Washtenaw County.

On February 12, 2019 WLAM, Washtenaw volunteered at Food Gatherers in Ann Arbor and helped process hundreds of pounds of apples. Volunteers included Judge Darlene O’Brien, Judge Karen Valvo, Parisa Ghazaeri, Alison Love, Sandy Musser, Patricia Reiser, Susan Longsworth, Kristin Davis, Anna Frushour, Elizabeth Jolliffe, John Reiser, Nick Roumel, and Frank Weir.

WLAM Washtenaw was a mile marker sponsor for the 4th Annual Purple Run; a 5K to benefit Safehouse Center a domestic violence shelter in Washtenaw County. Other sponsors included the Office of the Washtenaw County Prosecutor and the University of Michigan Division of Public Safety Police Department.  This event took place on Saturday, October 27, 2018.

WLAM Washtenaw is a recipient of the WLAM Leadership Award. The award will be bestowed on WLAM Washtenaw Region at the WLAM Annual Meeting in Traverse City on May 3 and 4, 2019.

WLAM, Washtenaw Region is proud to announce that 15th District Court Judge and WLAM Member, Elizabeth P. Hines, is the recipient of the William H. Rehnquist Award for Judicial Excellence. The award was bestowed on Judge Hines by U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice, John G. Roberts, Jr. during a ceremony at the U.S. Supreme Court on November 15, 2018. The William H. Rehnquist Award is presented annually and honors one state court judge who demonstrates qualities of judicial excellence: integrity, fairness, open-mindedness, knowledge of the law, professional ethics, creativity, sound judgment, intellectual courage, and decisiveness.

WLAM Washtenaw bestowed the 2018 Mary Foster Award to 15th District Court Judge Karen Q. Valvo at the Annual Holiday Party on December 13, 2018.  The Mary Foster Award is bestowed annually to a member of our organization whose leadership, talent, and significant contributions to women provide a role model for women in the profession and women in general.  WLAM Washtenaw would like to congratulate Judge Valvo; you are a role model for all of us.