Western Update June 2018

April: On April 19, 2018, 7 women lawyers and 10 children participated in the Take Your Child to Work Day Event at the Children’s Museum in Grand Rapids. The little ones enjoyed snacks and crafts while the women lawyers were able to do some networking (and, who are we kidding, we enjoyed the snacks, too!) After the crafts were finished, each of the children had an opportunity to play in the Grand Rapids Children’s Museum.

May: On May 9, 2018, Western Region held its annual meeting. The event included a short program, in which next year’s Regional Board was sworn in by Judge Patricia Gardner.  We also honored this year’s Outstanding Member, Kelly Brushaber. Nearly 50 people attended the event, including several local judges. A champagne toast was made in celebration of WLAM’s 100th year as an organization.

  • President: Kari Sherry
  • Vice President: Andrea Snyder
  • Immediate Past President: April Hulst
  • Treasurer: Jennifer Tello
  • Secretary: Adrian Copeland
  • Director at Large:
    • Amanda Osorio
    • Leslie Dickinson
    • Jackie Gordon
    • Catherine Brainerd
    • Audra McClure
  • Regional Representatives: Amanda Narvaes

On Saturday, June 9, members of the Western Region played in the 35th Annual Women Lawyers vs. Judges Charity Softball Game, which raises thousands of dollars every year for the local YWCA. The judges won the game this year, but really our whole community won, because we raised over $15,000 this year for the YWCA. The YWCA uses those funds to aid the survivors of domestic abuse and domestic violence.