Oakland Region

Welcome.  The Oakland Region provides a source of professional development, support, and networking for lawyers and law students living and/or working in the Oakland County region of metro-Detroit.  Please click here to enter our website.  If you experience any problems, please manually input our website address, www.wba-oakland.com, into your browser.  We look forward to seeing you soon! 

Melissa Graves, President -melissa.graves@ceflawyers.com

Ryan Kelly, President-Elect - ryan@kellykellylaw.com

Channelle Kizy-White, Vice President -  ckizy@kizylaw.com

Kristen Pursley, Treasurer - kpursley@patentco.com

Samantha Orvis, Communications Secretary - Samantha.orvis@gmail.com

Erin Klug, Recording Secretary - eklug@patlaw.com