WLAM Committees

The key to making the most of your WLAM membership is to get involved!  A great way to do so is to join one of our WLAM committees. For more information, please contact the Committee Chair of the Committee you are interested in joining.  If a committee has yet to be assigned a chair, please contact the WLAM President, Hon. Angela Sherigan.

Leadership Development & Awards Committee      Chair: Hon. Angela Sherigan asher24@aol.com

Annual Meeting Committee                                       Chair:  Marla Linderman lindermanlaw@sbcglobal.net

Membership Committee                                            Chair:  Michele Rivas michelearivas@gmail.com

Finance Committee                                                     Chair: Kristen Pursley  kpursley@patentco.com

Communications & Technology Committee             Chair: Suzanne Sukkar suzannesukkar@gmail.com

Legal Affairs/CREC Committee                                  Chair: Marla Linderman lindermanlaw@sbcglobal.net

Regional Development                                              Chair: Nicole Wilinski nwilinski@plunkettcooney.com

Bylaws & Policies Committee                                    Chair:  Vacant

Gender Equity Committee                                         Chair: Jennifer Salvatore  jsalvatore@nachtlaw.com

Career Development Committee                             Chair: Vacant

Administrative Services Committee                        Chair: Vacant